Business Relationships


Are you managing your business relationships?

Career management policies help define the opportunities for employees to develop the skills and knowledge required to take on more responsibilities, move into management or obtain a new role. By specifying what resources are provided, establishing accountability and keeping records, human resource professionals create a fair and equitable environment for all employees. The crux of managing your relationship to your business understands that you want to and will take actions to become operationally irrelevant in the day-to-day activities of running your business. If you are able to manage and change your business relationship you will find that you can either work less hours or spend more time on activities that will add value to your business.

Managing your professional and business relationships is a very important and critical issue in dealing with your people (staff, partners, customers, authorities, colleagues, etc.) in any business environment. It takes a significant amount of time to build and can be broken in just an instant.Working well with all the players in the complex health care industry can be a daunting task. You start with providers, payers, employer groups, subscribers and patients. Add to the mix legislators, regulators, vendors, competitors, industry groups and various coalitions, and you have an intricate web of influence-makers and stakeholders to deal with. Don’t forget the people you collaborate with everyday inside your own organization. Building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with these key players can make the difference in your ability to meet your business and career goals.